Dr Evans GI Healthcare

Dr Evans BSc (Hons) PhD MRCP

Email: kelly.durkin@nhs.net
Tel: 01438288932 or 07490632382


You can book an appointment with Dr Evans directly via the appointment office of One Hatfield 01707861331 or OSD Healthcare 01442331900. Alternatively you can discuss options with Dr Evans’s private secretary on 01438288932 or 07490632382. If you are using your medical insurance, at some point, you will need a referral letter from your GP.

Yes, simply contact my private secretary and she will arrange for me to speak to you.

Yes this is possible, often a prior appointment is helpful to discuss the procedure in advance. If you’re not sure, contact my private secretary on 01438288932 or 07490632382 for further information.

Most policies will pay for you to have an initial consultation although there is sometimes an ‘excess’ to pay. If in doubt you should check with your insurer before making an appointment. Remember to bring your insurance details to the first appointment.

Yes, you won’t require a GP’s referral letter in this situation (although it is still worth asking for one) and you can book directly via One Hatfield Hospital 01707861331 or OSD Healthcare 01442331900 or discuss with my private secretary on 01438288932 or 07490632381.

Yes, if you live in Hertfordshire or South Bedfordshire area, ask your GP to make a referral

Gastroscopy G6500
Colonoscopy H2002
Flexible sigmoidoscopy H2502

The amount of cover provided by each insurer differs, so please check the level of cover your medical insurance provides with your insurer before making an appointment. Remember to bring your insurance details including membership number and any authorisation reference code to the first appointment. Please update us should your insurance details change.

It’s your responsibility to contact your insurance company, keep them informed of your treatment and, if required, obtain their authorisation. If necessary, your insurer will then contact us for further information. The insurers may require details of the procedure(s) you need. They are as follows:
Gastroscopy G6500
Colonoscopy H2002
Flexible sigmoidoscopy H2502

Provided you give us your insurance details, we will send all invoices directly to your insurers unless otherwise instructed by you.

There may be an ‘excess’ to pay or fees that your insurers do not cover. If in doubt, please contact your insurers as you’ll need to settle any fees they do not cover. You will be advised by your insurers if an excess has been deducted. Once notified we will ask you to settle the outstanding balance directly with us.

To make a payment by credit/debit card, please use the online payment portal on https://www.medserv.co.uk/request.php. If you have queries regarding payment you can call the practice office on 01438288932 or 07490632381 to discuss this.

No, please note that blood tests, radiology tests such as CT, MRI or Ultrasound are provided by the hospital directly. Respective costs of these tests can be obtained from One Hatfield Hospital directly on 01707861331 or OSD Healthcare on 01442331900 (depending upon where you are treated). You may prefer to get some preliminary test arranged through your GP and bring them along to your first consultation.