Dr Evans GI Healthcare

Dr Evans BSc (Hons) PhD MRCP

Email: kelly.durkin@nhs.net
Tel: 01438288932 or 07490632382

Your Visit

Dr Evans prides himself on giving an unhurried, patient-centred consultation. He provides high-quality, evidence-based care with appropriate investigations, treatments and advice that are tailored to each individual’s ideas, concerns and expectations.

At your first appointment, you will have a 30 minute consultation with Dr Evans where your symptoms can be explored in detail. It is common for a brief examination to be performed, although this is not always required.

From this initial consultation, the appropriate tests and procedure can be discussed and planned, if necessary. Only if a test is needed to help with your treatment, will it be requested. If an endoscopy is needed, this will be explained to you and arranged promptly.

A letter is sent to your GP and copied to yourself to ensure they are kept up to speed with your treatment plan. A follow up consultation is not always required and may only be necessary in certain circumstances.